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Shenzhen into the hottest transfer city

Date: 2018-02-06

Travel one ticket is hard to find, transit home is a good choice.Recently, ctrip hotel combined with large data module, the hotel reservation during the Spring Festival, issued travel "the most popular top ten transit city".Among them, shenzhen, guiyang, kunming ranks the top three.
"A lot of transit transfer interval more than six hours of passengers, favour around in the city railway station or airport waiting for the time spent in the hotel."Ctrip hotel related chief says, at the same time, back to home without heating, many choose to live in the hotel "visiting family", the "occupy" three or four line city hotels, this has become a new trend of holidays at the hotel for two years.
The transit city hotel fire
According to ctrip had previously issued travel home strategy, for not rob to passengers, with the method of transit home, can let the "frame" on the road home.
To this, in combination with more than 300 million users travel migration footprint, ctrip hotel released the 2018 Spring Festival "of the most popular top ten cities", respectively is in shenzhen, guangzhou, chongqing, guiyang, kunming, zhengzhou, shenyang, wuhan, xi 'an, nanchang, and mainly concentrated in the southern city.
"Since there is no direct train, or from the airport to small airport, a lot of people in the city transit transfer interval more than six hours, therefore, more and more transit passengers choose in the hotel, spend waiting, waiting time."The controller introduces, 10 most popular transit city railway station, the perimeter of the airport low star hotel has been particularly hot, bookings are shot up during the Spring Festival.
Tourists choose "to live a night in advance"
Of the most popular city, is a well-known tourist city.Therefore, some travelers tend to advance to the city to live a night, and then take in the local trips, is the spice of returning.
Ctrip big data also showed that 15% of the transit passenger reservation for one night hotel, 67% of transit passengers booking the hour room, only 18% of people are willing to wait.
"Homecoming" hotel had a trend in the New Year
In addition, because a lot of "visiting family" home New Year's day, in a stage of "empty", second-tier cities at the same time, many will have three or four line city hotel occupancy peak.
"A lot of people are accustomed to a day of central heating, and it is difficult to adapt to the south of cold winter, can stay in a hotel from worries.And visit relatives and friends New Year's day, some families in the house enough to live in the home, hotel is a good choice."The head of explanation.
Through ctrip big data analysis, the Spring Festival golden week this year, xinyang, ganzhou, huanggang, fuyang, zhoukou, chongqing, maoming, zunyi, liuyang, xuzhou city, among the hotel bookings, one of the ten fastest growing city.